Road transportation

D4Dxpress is dedicated to providing tailored transportation solutions to meet the unique needs of clients’ businesses and industries. Our proven capabilities, demonstrated experience, flexibility and integrated customized solutions support our customers to respond to market challenges and keep their business moving more efficiently. The company offers a diversified portfolio of transportation services between Scandinavia and Europe, including:

  • express, nonstop and standard deliveries
  • demand critical solutions
  • dedicated fleet solutions
  • multi stop services
  • trailer pool


Our customers are people who can make the world better place to live. They make great products you enjoy wherever you are. We are taking relentless care about flow of their cargo.

Industries we serve:
  • Perishables
  • Retail
  • Agricultural
  • High Value / High Risk
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • E-commerce



  • – Euro VI, 2.5 years on average
  • – Volvo and Mercedes and DAF brands
  • – FMS (Fleet Management System) Transics
  • – 3 axle trucks
  • – 2 axle trucks



  • – Standard, double-deckers, multi-temperature
  • – Certified to transport perishable food products, healthcare products, high value/ high risk goods
  • – Maintain temperature range from -25 ℃ to + 25 ℃
  • – Available with 2,65m or 2,7m inner height
  • – Solar panels mounted on semi-trailers roof to facilitate power supply for GPS and temperature units



  • Track & Trace
  • E-lock
  • External Monitoring & Intervention Center
  • Geofenced Routing
  • Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms
    (Shippeo, Project44, FourKites, etc.)