About us

Dedication to customers’ needs is at the heart of D4Dxpress, founded in 2012.

D4Dxpress specializes in cross-border haulage between Scandinavia and Europe. The company also provides regional transportation in the Nordics. D4Dxpress offers a diversified portfolio of transportation services, including express, nonstop and standard deliveries, dedicated fleet solutions, trailer pool, multi stop services and demand critical solutions.

Our customers are people who can make the world better place to live. They make great products you enjoy wherever you are. We are taking relentless care about flow of cargo. We exist to create a 24/7 logistics experience where commitment and purpose come together by offering innovative and progressive transportation services. Industries we serve: Agricultural, E-commerce, Healthcare, High Value/ High Risk, Industrial, Perishablesand Retail.

The road to customer satisfaction for us means to deliver the best possible service to our clients and by utilizing the full potential of all our motivated and highly competent teams. We are always prepared, engaged and ready to see things from each customer perspective. And deliver prosperity together. Yet we do not like to blow our own trumpet. We like to be measured by the services we can deliver with efficiency and environment in mind.

This is our way forward. Innovation, fast delivery, quality, responsibillity, flexibility.


Brand overview


Our mission is to deliver prosperity through innovation and common interest.

A key enabler of this mission is our Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR). We are committed to the Scandinavian market as a responsible and respected corporate citizen, and our CSR program is anchored by these themes:

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability is embraced in D4Dxpress core value – innovation and we are dedicated to exploring new and innovative ways to create cleaner communities, reduce pollution, and operate more efficiently throughout all of our activities. D4Dxpress has incorporated environmental considerations in a variety of areas to reduce carbon footprint across our operations in order to push both our and our clients’ sustainable supply chain initiatives forward.

  • Vehicle and Systems’ Alterations

    Reduced Carbon Footprint through Vehicle and Systems’ Alterations, Including:

    Geofenced routing

    Energy-efficient driving program

    Nitrogen-filled tires

    Solar panels


    Huckepack trailers

  • Safety

    We put safety at the center of how we operate. We strive to conduct business in a way that ensures the health and safety of our employees, customers and the communities in which we serve.

  • Greener Lifestyle

    Sustainability means a better future for all of us. We have taken the necessary steps to promote a greener lifestyle amongst our employees from consuming less energy in our properties to encouraging the sorting of waste within the company for recycling and waste disposal.

  • Code of Conduct

    D4Dxpress principles of Business Conduct are in place to ensure that we run our business fairly, honestly and ethically. These principles are essential for D4Dxpress because our entire business model is built on trust. That is why it is imperative that we hold ourselves to consistently high standards in all our business activities.

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